CMPRO Desktop: Using the Navigator Search Functionality

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Video Transcript: CMPRO Desktop Navigator Search

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Hello, and welcome to CMPRO’s series of training videos. Our focus in this video will be locating documents using the Navigator Search functionality.

Nearly all of the search screens in the CMPRO web client share certain common elements and behaviors.

There are a few exceptions, but even those follow the core functionality.

To locate the Desktop Search function simply click on the Navigator item on the Navigator Bar.

Under the Search items are a number of sub-items, each pertaining to a specific type of search in CMPRO. The search options available allow you to locate repository items, workflow forms, as well as other frequently used search screens.

More detail about each of these search options can be found in the CMPRO User’s Guide.

Since our interest is locating a document, we’ll select the sub-item: Documents to begin our search.

The search screen provides a few fields by which we can filter our search.

  • By the Status of the record
  • By Proprietary Group
  • By System
  • Or using this free-form text field, we can search with the filters described in this help dialog, which displays when we first click in the field.

Let’s see how easy it is to search for a record. Selecting the status of ALL ensures we will yield the most results, and is a better filter if the actual status of the record is not known.

These fields will begin filtering as you begin typing or you can scroll through the list to locate desired data.

Once our search parameters have been set, we simply select the Search icon. Our search is successful.

Now accessing the desired record is just a click away. For those instances where more refined search parameters are needed, this icon on the right of the screens’ Tool Bar will open the Classic Search screen in CMPRO. Classic search screens offer additional fields for populating data, providing a more granular search. That is how to use the Documents Search option to find all items located in the Document Repository.

You will discover that searching in the other repositories through the Navigator is similar to the path just shown...In contrast, some of the options shown here, when clicked, will take you directly to the search screen you have been accustomed to using.
For more detail on all aspects of the CMPRO Desktop, use the path shown here…in the User’s Guide Table of Contents, select the CMPRO Desktop book. Inside, you’ll find detailed descriptions on best usage of all its features and functions and thank you for watching.