CMPRO PLM Software Features and Functionality

Automate business processes & streamline enterprise data management

CMPRO PLM Software Features and Functionality for Government and Commercial Enterprises

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  • CMPRO Dashboards

    Focused data provides a visual summary of active changes to repository items and where they are in the review process.

  • Drawing and Parts Lists Management

    Centralized repository for managing drawing and parts list data and any corresponding electronic files through revision control.

  • Document Management

    Centralized repository for managing document data and any corresponding electronic files through revision control.

  • Software Management

    Software version tracking and baseline creation from a centralized repository manages software license and location tracking.

  • Configuration Status Accounting

    Both Enterprise and Government approaches used for change control automation and management of system changes.

  • Baselines

    Central control mechanism for maintaining data over time.

  • Product Baselines

    Creates and tracks a combination of released drawings, documents, and software records for a selected top-level assembly or a product structure.

  • Document Baselines

    Creates and tracks the hierarchical document structures that make up processes, procedures, or other documents used for configuration tracking.

  • Software Baselines

    Creates and tracks hierarchical software version structures.

  • Technical Data Package (TDP) System Baseline

    Creates and tracks the relevant technical documentation and change requests/proposals for a system.

  • Contract / DD1423 Tracking

    Oversee contract delivery information including associated contract items, CDRLs (Contract Data Requirements Lists), and associated schedule and delivery records

  • Inventory and Material Management

    Enables inventory operations for multiple warehouses in different geographic locations; provides door-to-door oversight for tracked items and integrates with the As-Built and Work Order Modules.

  • Alterations Management

    Government organization support for field changes, installation tracking, DD1423, and other alterations management tasks.

  • Work Orders

    A workflow-enabled method to oversee building of end-items, assemblies, and buy lists; generate Traveler Packages for recording applicable serial numbers. Track issue orders, instructions, etc.

  • Work Instruction Plans

    Integrates with the Work Order Module to systematically record work to be performed, including required verification checkpoints.

  • Return Material Authorization (RMA)

    Track parts, returns, and swaps.

  • Non-Conformance

    Record, track, report, and process manufactured parts and products that do not meet the specified requirements.

  • As-Built

    Tracks manufactured equipment or systems by platform and location down to a granular, physical level including deployed, fielded products and components with links to periodic maintenance, scheduling, maintenance contracts, and software license tracking.

  • Project Tracker Management

    Track projects, tasks, and action items with links to other workflow forms and actions in CMPRO.

  • System and Subsystem

    Multi-level hierarchy and systems of systems support for organizing product data and facilitating System Baselines.

  • Process Workflow Engine

    Customizable routing system with collaboration features that simplifies electronic forms for change management, process automation, and repository record creation with revision control.

  • Audit Management

    Creates an Audit Master; lists Audit Team, items to be audited, and indicate discrepancy results revealed during the course of the audit. Physical Configuration Audit and Functional Configuration Audit modules included.

  • Report Output

    XLS, CSV, and PDF output, including server generated digitally signed reports.

  • Medical Device and Product Compliance

    Built-in forms, processes, and functionality to support FDA compliance and submission requirements.

  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Form

    Workflow-enabled form integrates with other modules to coordinate resulting problem reports, change requests, non-conformances, and real-time status reporting.

  • Design History File

    DHF reporting references records needed to validate approved design plans and fulfill requirements throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Device Master Record

    DMR generated from a system baseline to identify the pertinent documents/procedures/records/specs, etc. and their locations from data managed within centralized repositories.

  • Device History Record

    DHR reporting establishes manufacturing details of a device and its records generated during production, testing, review, inspection, etc. Device data is managed in the As-Built module and links back to DMR data.

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