CMPRO Video Tutorial: Using My Favorite Screens

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Video Transcript: CMPRO Desktop - Using Favorite Screens

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Hello, and welcome to this CMPRO training video.

The CMPRO Desktop contains a shortcut feature which allows you to collect and access CMPRO screens you use most frequently.

The Screens button, located on the Navigator Bar, is your quick link to My Favorite Screens. The left pane of this screen contains all of the available screens in your assigned menu, which you can select to add to your favorite screens list.

Adding screens can be done individually by selecting the screen and clicking this button.
If you have more than one screen you would like to add, you can hold down the CTRL or COMMAND key and select items throughout the list; the Add Favorites Screen(s) button will add those screens to your list.


If you want to select multiple screens that are listed consecutively, you can hold down the SHIFT key and select the range of desired screens.

Then click the Add Favorites Screens button to add to the list.

The screens will display alphabetically in the right pane. However, you may want to have specific screens display at the top or in certain groupings. Relocating items in the list is accomplished by using either the Up/Down/Top/Bottom buttons on the right of the screen

…the location of the item will be placed accordingly.


You can move an item quickly to a specific location by clicking on the up/down arrow to the left of the screen name and drag to the desired location.

Screens can be removed from the list just as easily. Simply check the box next to the screen or screens you wish to remove and select the Delete Selected button.

Each screen you add to your list will display in the drop down when you click on the Screens button on your Navigator Bar. Selecting an item in this list will directly access that screen.

You can add as many screens to your list as are available on your assigned menu. If the number of screens exceeds the viewing landscape of your monitor, these arrows will allow you to quickly scroll through your list.

Finally, you can make changes to your list any time by selecting the Manage item from the Screens menu, as we did initially.

To learn more about the features on the CMPRO Desktop Navigator Bar, please view related videos, and follow the path shown here to view the related section of the Navigator Book in the CMPRO User’s Guide.

And thank you for watching.