CMPRO Video Tutorial: Using My Viewed Items

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Video Transcript

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Hello, and welcome to the CMPRO series of training videos.

If you find it a challenge to recall records you have opened or viewed in the past few months, weeks or even days, CMPRO has handy feature that makes that task much less challenging.

The My Viewed Items screen, accessed via this icon on the Navigator Bar, provides a quick “At A Glance” type view of records you have examined during your CMPRO sessions.

The records will display according to the date last viewed.

Using this drop-down list, you can filter the range from one day up to one year.

The last two weeks displays by default; however, that setting can be changed by accessing the Desktop Options screen via your User Settings menu, and choosing a new default range.

The range you select here will be the default range each time you access My Viewed Items screen.
Back to the My Viewed Items screen…

The field just to the right of the Range field is a text search field where you can enter relevant information to narrow the results of your search.

Then select the search button, the clear magnifying glass icon, to execute the search. The other two icons clear the search fields and refresh the screen, respectively.

As with similar screens in CMPRO, the content under each column can be sorted, in ascending or descending order, by clicking anywhere in the column header.

The upward and downward pointing arrows indicate the order by which the contents are sorted.

To access any of the records displayed, simply click on the icon next to the record number; the detail screen for that item will display.

To learn more about the features on the CMPRO Desktop Navigator Bar, please view related videos, and click on this useful icon (?) to view the related section of the Navigator Book in the CMPRO User’s Guide.

Thank you for watching.