CMPRO – Industries – Defense

CMPRO Enterprise Edition provides a full PLM solution for defense industries that must comply with stringent security and data quality requirements for the duration of a product’s lifecycle, including sustainment.

CMMC/NIST 800-171

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Contract Management

Contract Management and DD1423 Tracking in CMPRO tracks contract and associated contract item information, Contract Data Requirements Lists – CDRLs and the associated schedule and delivery records.

Contract and DD1423 Tracking:

  • Record details about a contract and its related items, such as tasks, events and charge numbers.
  • Charge numbers and funding allotments can be managed against contract tasks.
  • Capability to track budget-related information in conjunction with Work Orders and Requisition Line Items. This functionality is designed to effectively track contract data as it relates to the production environment.
  • Program Dashboard provides visibility for contracts identified as Program Contracts.

Configuration Status Accounting

Configuration management is an integral part of the PLM process. Lifecycle quality improvement is accomplished by using proven configuration management practices and then publishing the usable product data for use throughout the lifecycle of a product.

CMPRO provides out-of-the-box CSA using two broadly accepted standards; the Enterprise Configuration Management approach, and the Department of Defense Configuration Management approach. CMPRO complies with and supports several industry standards including, ANSI/EIA-649-B, SAE EIA-649-1 and ASME Y14.34M. Electronic workflow-enabled forms to meet industry standards are available with enhancements and include:

  • Issue Reports to identify, report and analyze potential concerns.
  • Advance Change Study Notices analyze potential changes before committing.
  • Engineering Change Proposals request and evaluate changes from a cost, scope and feasibility perspective.
  • Implementation Directives schedule and implement approved Engineering Change Proposals.
  • Waiver and Deviation Tracking to request and document a departure from an approved configuration.


The As-Built module in CMPRO provides sustainment functionality including:

  • End-item location status, the configuration at the time it was built and how it may have changed over time. This works best when fed with product definitions produced from part data in CMPRO.
  • Track end-items by platform and location, down to the granular physical location.
  • As end-items are moved, location history is recorded.  If assemblies or components within end-items are replaced, the configuration is updated.
  • As-Built item configurations include assemblies, components and serial numbers integrated with Inventory Management.

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