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CMPROs ability to simplify and automate processes involving engineering, configuration, inventory, and product data means that an organization is empowered to more effectively design, produce, maintain, and manage the products and items that are central to its business goals. CMPRO is a web-based, Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution designed to orchestrate all of your organizations PLM data in one secure database. Complete this form below to schedule a DEMO


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  • Contract Management / DD1423 Tracking

    Oversee contract delivery information, including associated contract items, schedule and delivery records, and CDRLs.

  • Project Management

    Track projects, tasks and action items; link to other workflow forms and actions.

  • Configuration Status Accounting

    Enterprise and government approaches are used for change control automation and management of system changes.

  • Baselines

    Product, Document, Software and Technical Data Package (TDP) System baselines, provide a central control mechanism to maintain product and device data over time.


  • Drawing & Parts List Management

    Centralized repository manages drawing and parts list data and any corresponding electronic files, through revision control.

  • Document Management

    Centralized repository manages document data and any corresponding electronic files, through revision control.

  • Software Management

    Version tracking and baseline creation from a centralized repository manages software licenses and location tracking.


  • Inventory & Material Management

    Enable inventory operations for multiple warehouses in different geographical locations; providing oversight for tracked items. Integrates with As-Built and Work Order modules.

  • Work Instruction Plans

    Integrates with Work Order module to systematically record work to be performed, including required verification checkpoints.

  • Work Orders

    Workflow-enabled method to oversee building of end-items, assemblies and buy lists; generate a Traveler Package, for recording applicable serial numbers.


  • As-Built

    Tracks the configuration and location of products that have been built and deployed.

  • Non-Conformance

    Record, track, report and process the failure of manufactured parts, products and devices that do not meet specified requirements.

  • Audit Management

    Record, track and report an Audit Master; list Audit Team, items to be audited and indicates discrepancy results revealed during the audit.