Effectively produce, maintain and manage the products and items that are
central to your business goals.


  • Contract Management

    Allows users to track information about contracts and their associated Contract Tasks and Charge Lines, Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs), and any associated schedule and delivery records.

  • Project Management

    Offers simple project management capabilities used to track activities using Tasks, Sub-tasks, and Action Items.

  • Baselines

    Baselines provide a central control mechanism for managing product data over time and evolution. In CMPRO there are different types of baselines including: Product (Design), System, Document, and Software


  • Drawing & Engineering Data Management

    The Drawing & Engineering Data Management modules track drawings, parts lists, part master library and more. From this data, baselines such as: drawing trees, product structures, and Bills of Materials can be produced automatically.

  • Document Management

    Provides a centralized repository for tracking information about documents and their attached electronic files.


  • Inventory Management

    Enables inventory tracking for multiple warehouses in multiple geographic locations; provides door-to-door management for all items tracked; integrates with the As-Built and Work Order modules.

  • Work Orders

    Provides a workflow-enabled method to manage the manufacturing of end-items, assemblies, and buy lists. The WO also produces a Traveler Package, which includes a method for recording applicable serial numbers.

  • Work Instruction Plans

    Integrates with Work Order Module to document work to be performed systematically with any required verification.

  • Non-Conformance

    Tracks the failure of manufactured parts or products to meet a specified requirement.


  • As-Built

    Tracks the configuration and location of products that have been built and deployed.

  • Fielded Items

    Provides a simplified view into items that have been built, then delivered and installed at customer sites.


Custom Workflow Management


“From the intelligent, process driven, workflows to the dynamic asset associations, CMPRO drives efficiency into every aspect of business.”Shawn G. - Naval Undersea Warfare Center Div Newport
“CM Excellence, all packaged into one tool. CMPRO provides all the tools you need to achieve high-level CM throughout your organization.”Todd L. - Logistician, DOD
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