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  • Contract Management / DD1423 Tracking

    Oversee contract delivery information, including associated contract items, schedule and delivery records, and CDRLs.

  • Project Management

    Track projects, tasks and action items; link to other workflow forms and actions.

  • Configuration Status Accounting

    Enterprise and government approaches are used for change control automation and management of system changes.

  • Baselines

    Product, Document, Software and Technical Data Package (TDP) System baselines, provide a central control mechanism to maintain product and device data over time.


  • Drawing & Parts List Management

    Centralized repository manages drawing and parts list data and any corresponding electronic files, through revision control.

  • Document Management

    Centralized repository manages document data and any corresponding electronic files, through revision control.

  • Software Management

    Version tracking and baseline creation from a centralized repository manages software licenses and location tracking.


  • Inventory & Material Management

    Enable inventory operations for multiple warehouses in different geographical locations; providing oversight for tracked items. Integrates with As-Built and Work Order modules.

  • Work Instruction Plans

    Integrates with Work Order module to systematically record work to be performed, including required verification checkpoints.

  • Work Orders

    Workflow-enabled method to oversee building of end-items, assemblies and buy lists; generate a Traveler Package, for recording applicable serial numbers.


  • As-Built

    Tracks the configuration and location of products that have been built and deployed.

  • Non-Conformance

    Record, track, report and process the failure of manufactured parts, products and devices that do not meet specified requirements.

  • Audit Management

    Record, track and report an Audit Master; list Audit Team, items to be audited and indicates discrepancy results revealed during the audit.