CMPRO for Facilities Management

Centralized Repositories, Integrated Modules, and Dashboards 

Documents, drawings, and software management along with powerful workflows provide sustainability within the Product Lifecycle Management process. Track maintenance schedules, create problem reports, and forecast replacement needs, ensuring assets are utilized optimally throughout their lifecycle.

Effective Asset Data Management

Manage current and past building plans; equipment Drawings/Models, Parts/Bills of Materials (BOMs), all Documents, and any facility software. Track all IT assets – PCs and loaded software versions with location/user info. Barcode label generation and tracking.

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Maintain compliance with government/industry regulations and standards effortlessly. PLM software ensures proper documentation, certifications, and audits, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Consumables and Part Inventory Management

Track all levels, suppliers (and alternates) with automated ordering. Follow orders, receive, distribute, and track serialized replacement parts and RMA’s.

Enhanced Maintenance Planning 

Non-users can submit trouble tickets directly for facility issues or need of emergent repairs (broken pipe, clogged toilet). Manage 3rd party Maintenance Contracts and equipment warranty information. Optimize maintenance activities by leveraging historical data and real-time insights. 

Seamless Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration among FM teams, vendors, and stakeholders through centralized data access. Real-time information sharing enables quicker decision-making, leading to more efficient service delivery.

Work Instruction Plans

Integrates with the Work Order Module to systematically record work to be performed, including required verification checkpoints.

Cost Optimization

Reduce operational costs by optimizing resource allocation, and preventive maintenance. PLM software identifies cost-saving opportunities while maintaining optimal facility performance. CMPRO can manage the production of products your company builds, too!

Work Orders

 A workflow-enabled method to oversee emergent repairs, building of end items, assemblies, and buy lists; generate repair and maintenance schedules. Track issue orders, instructions with checklists, etc.


Record, track, report, and process manufactured parts and products that do not meet the specified requirements.


Central control mechanism for maintaining all facility and product data over time. Manage your product data separately but in one secure application.

Product Baseline 

Creates and tracks a combination of plans, drawings, documents, and software for a selected facility, building or a product structure.

Document Baseline

Creates and tracks the hierarchical document structures that make up processes, procedures, or other documents used for configuration tracking.

 As Built

Tracks facility devices or systems by serial and lot number down to a granular, physical level including distributed products and components with links to track.

Project Management

Track projects, major renovations, tasks, and action items with links to other workflow forms and actions in CMPRO.

Audit Management

Creates an Audit Master, lists the Audit Team, items, or systems to be audited and reveals discrepancies found during the audit.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Track parts returns, and swaps.

Report Output

XLS, CSV, and PDF output, including server generated digitally signed reports.