Learn how to use CMPRO


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in CMPRO is accomplished using integrated modules that provide the means for various departments and workgroups to function together more efficiently. This series will go over the process of using CMPRO for PLM, including:

  • Contracts and Contract Tasks

    The Contract Tracking Module allows users to track information about Contracts, Contract Tasks, DD1423s, Delivery Items, and Associated Documents. This information feeds and tracks: change documents (ECP, etc.), drawings, documents, project tasks, part requisition and costs, and other related data.

  • Projects and Tasks

    The Project Tracker Module in CMPRO is used to manage: Projects, Tasks, Action Items and Requirements. Project Tasks are fed with data from Contracts and Charge Numbers, allowing material cost data to be automatically populated into the project record.

  • Drawings, Documents and Software Release Repositories

    The essential building blocks of any product are the documentation that describes the processes, requirements, parts and software required in the construction of physical items.

  • Baselines

    In How to Use CMPRO for PLM (Part 3) we covered how the Drawing, Document, and Software Release Repositories in CMPRO continue the Product Lifecycle Management Process.

  • Product Definitions – Part Trees / BOMs

    The Drawing Repository, Parts List, and Part Master modules in CMPRO work together to manage the creation and revision of drawings and parts lists (also known as Bills of Material).

  • Inventory

    The CMPRO Inventory Management module interfaces seamlessly with the Drawing Repository so that inventory control personnel can view drawings of a part or assembly, as well as any other associated electronic documentation.

  • Work Orders & Work Instructions

    The Work Order Module in CMPRO was designed to assist with the processes associated with the planning, purchasing and assembly of physical products.

  • Non-Conformance

    The Non-Conformance Module is used to track the failure of manufactured parts or products to meet specified requirements. It is fed with information from CMPRO Drawings, Work Instructions, and other engineering documentation adding another element to the product lifecycle management process in CMPRO.

  • Requisitions

    Within the Inventory module of CMPRO, Requisitions are used to manage inventory acquisitions. Requisitions can place items on order, record the cost of materials, receive material into inventory and track the status of inventory purchases.

  • As-Built

    The Work Order and Inventory Management modules in CMPRO integrate with the As-Built module to track the manufacturing and maintenance of end items.

  • Configuration Status Accounting (CSA)

    Using CMPRO for Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) encompasses change management from end-to-end.