Professional Systems Associates Inc. on SeaPort-e

Professional Systems Associates Inc. is one of the Prime vendors on SeaPort-e, a vehicle for U.S. Navy customers. SeaPort-e is a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) that is designed to include all aspects of professional support services and Engineering, Technical, & Programmatic Support Services as required by the Virtual Systems Command, its related Program Executive Offices (PEOs), and field affiliates. This contract is not intended to nor will it be used to procure any personal services or services which are inherently governmental.

SeaPort-e is a vehicle to procure engineering, technical, programmatic, and professional support services for authorized users through all phases of ship and weapon system life cycle – technology development, concept exploration, design, specification development, construction/production, test and evaluation, certification, operation, maintenance, improvement/modernization, overhaul and refueling, salvage and disposal.

The objective of the MAC is to provide government managers with timely high quality services for a reasonable price maximizing innovation and cost reduction initiatives. All Task Orders placed against a MAC contract must fall within the general scope defined in the basic MAC contract.


PSA Program Contacts

Rob Stone, Program Manager and Customer Satisfaction Contact
Phone: 850-763-2192
Fax: 850-763-9559

Robbie Moon, Contracts Administrator and Customer Satisfaction Contact
Phone: 850-763-2192
Fax: 850-763-9559

Government Program Contacts

Navy Seaport Official Website

Quality Program

We take responsibility for quality. ISO/CMMI certified businesses spend billions every year trying to find solutions to the myriads of operational challenges in a world where technology grows exponentially. While this growth offers vast new possibilities and capabilities, it also makes it easier to get left behind; lost without the know-how to use what’s available. PSA believes that one of the keys to quality is having the knowledge to successfully navigate today’s technical complexity. In today’s world, ignorance is not bliss. Our dedication to quality will ensure our products and services will be “best in class” in terms of value received for dollars paid. PSA will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement, and respond vigorously to change.

Maintaining stability in a changing workforce is a constant balancing act. In the last 19 years, PSA has developed what we believe is the best solution to managing change: a stable workforce. PSA’s current workforce has an average tenure of over 10 years with the company. By seeking out challenging projects, PSA management creates an interesting and stimulating work environment for its workforce. PSA feels there are two effective ways of managing change: (1) being proactive in predicting change; (2) executing plans for change as early as feasible. This philosophy permits PSA to adapt to change by seeing what is changing and how it is changing; then estimate what is likely to happen, plan ahead, and act accordingly. By proactively planning and evaluating alternative strategies to find the best approach, PSA achieves success across many diverse situations. This systematic and process-driven approach to achieving a balance optimizes both responsiveness and control.

Task Orders

As they are received, this section will contain a listing of (or a link to) task orders received under this contract together with their technical instructions and points of contact for customer satisfaction references.