CMPRO Video Tutorial: Using My Favorite Items

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Video Transcript: CMPRO Desktop - Favorite Items

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Hello, and welcome to the CMPRO series of training videos.

Do you find that you repeatedly access the same records in your day-to-day activities within CMPRO? Would you like to minimize the effort it takes to locate those records? Well, the Items option on the Navigator Bar does just that. It makes finding and accessing the records you use easier.

Any workflow record, simple or standard that includes this button, known as Add to my Favorite Items button on Tool Bar can be flagged as favorite item. By clicking on the button, CMPRO will add that record to your favorite items menu.

The record you add will display in the Items drop down menu alphabetically based on Val. Doc Type. Then when you need to access that record or any record you have flagged as a favorite, you need only hover or click on the Items button on the Navigator Bar and select the desired record.

(Records that can be flagged as a favorite are limited only by the security of that module and proprietary groups. There are no business rules or user functions involved.)

If you have added more records to your Items list than your display monitor can accommodate, these arrows allow you to scroll quickly through the list. The Manage tool on the Items menu displays the My Favorite Items screen, which provides a more detailed view of the records that have been flagged (as favorites).

Common icons provide not only information, but also access to the records and available attachments.

You might notice the listing order here differs from the Items drop down list. By default, the records are listed here in the order in which they were flagged, the most recent being at the top.

You can sort the content under each column in ascending or descending order by clicking anywhere in the column header. The upward and downward pointing arrows indicate the order by which the contents are sorted.

The Remarks column provides a convenient tool for adding private notes, reminders or important comments for a record. Double-clicking in the row of the desired record opens a free-form text box where to record your remark.

Should you no longer have need to access particular records, you can remove the item from your list by clicking on the corresponding checkbox on the right side of the screen, then click the delete button (minus symbol).

To learn more about the features on the CMPRO Desktop Navigator Bar, please view related videos, and follow the path shown here to view the related section of the Navigator Book in the CMPRO User’s Guide.

Thank you for watching.